Client Concierge

A company specialized in customer service, while helping your business maintain good client relations is necessary.

We not only work with you, we work for you.

Never Miss An Important Call

Our 24/7 call center and virtual receptionists handle inbound/outbound inquiries, make wake-up calls, service or appointment reminders, and much more.


We customize to better serve your clientele.

Confidentiality & Compliance

We are committed to protecting your privacy and providing your business with a safe virtual experience. HIPAA compliance and risk assessment training is ongoing here at Executive Office Essentials, in addition we will never collect your personal information nor sell it to any third parties.

No Contracts

No Waiting

Get started right away! We can have you up and rolling within 24 hours, phone number included.


There is never a contract so, just notify us 10 days prior to your due date if you decide to cancel. This stops your next bill from producing.

A Direct Customer Response

Real-Time Customer Order Processing

When your business conducts a direct response advertising campaign you can expect a hike in call volume. We can help you be ready to capitalize on every lead.


Empty leads waste company time and money so,be sure to maximize your ROI by choosing our 24/7 live agents for such projects.

  • Lead Qualifying

  • Lead Verifying

  • Surveys & Customer Feedback

  • Seminar & Events Registration

  • Telemarketing

  • Fund Raising

  • Open Enrollment Education Calls 

  • Research & Information Gathering

  • Campaign Calls etc......

Give your e-commerce customers a seamless order process by utilizing our order entry agents.


We can process orders through your web-based shopping cart or via an electronic order form, we can also customize a process that may work better for your company. Order fulfillment made easy for your company, sales increase, and customers are happy. 

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some times the best way to fit in is to, stand out

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